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                    Hand Glaze $85.00 & up  

Is a finishing polish designed to fill surface scratches and remove minor paint imperfections, for new and used vehicles    

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  Hand Wax $39.99 & up

                       Top of the Line Wax Applied to Vehicle Provides Maximum Weather Resistance, Protects the Clear Coat


         Paint Sealant $95.00 & up




Harmful elements exist everywhere in the outdoors, especial in the sunny cities. Vehicles constantly get bright sunlight or ultraviolet (UV) rays on them, making the vehicle's paint fade real fast. Parking under a tree is not the solution, since bird dropping also can damage the appearance of a vehicle paint. Paint Sealant is the latest defense against fading and oxadation caused by evironmental contaminants and harmful ultraviolet exposure from the sun.

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                Select Paint Perfecting Package $269.99 & up


       Vehicle will get a good Buff to repair any acid rain spots, Scuff Marks and Light Oxidation. After we buff the vehicle we give it a good Polish. The polish restores the Paint Clear Coat. When the Buff and Polish is complete, we then put on the Wax which is a top of the line rich, creamy blend of Brazilian Carnauba Wax. This wax will protect the vehicle's clear coat. To provide the maximum protections we will put The Paint Sealant on the vechicle that will create a very hard glass like barrier on the vehicle's paint which will resist Radaiant, Ultra Violet Energy, and Polution.



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                                           Buff $125.00 & up

For removing heaving oxidation, acid rain spots,  and car wash scratches.

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