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Scratches We Can Buff Out

Vehicle has a long scratch.... dog chased the cat, so the cat jump on your vehicle for safety.... pole got in your way and left a big scuff mark.... lets not forget the shopping cart that loves to roll around the parking lot scratching up vehicles. No matter how it happen the scratch or scuff mark is on your vehicle, and it's driving you crazy!!!


If the scratches or scuff marks are not to deep we can help you.


Before you go to the body shop, and spend thousands of dollars bring your vehicle to us, let us show you that we might be able to Buff out the Scratch or Scuff Mark.



Call us, and set up an appointment so we can look at your vehicle. We will test ( see if the Scratches are not to deep) an area on your vehicle before we give you an estimate.


Please call us at (915) 881-9274

Below are vehicles that has Scratches and Scuff marks. If your vehicle been damaged like the vehicles below... give us a call so we can Help you. We will Buff out a small section so you can see that there is HOPE. Free Estimates

You could also text us pictures of the Scratches or Scuff marks at


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The scratches and scuff marks you see on the pictures here we can fix.


If your vehicle have scratches or scuff marks, please call us to schedule an appointment so we can get them out.


Call us at



or send us the pictures of th Or you could Send Pictures to 915-881-9274 so we could give you an estimate.