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Bad Swirl Marks We Can Fix

We know how much you love your vehicle. You wanted that deep shine, and you may have trusted a friend, or a bodyshop that said they know how to give your vehicle that deep gloss shine, and you let them buff it.


After they finished you notice alot of swirl marks from the buffer, and it broke your heart.


Before you go get a new paint job, bring it to us, let us show you what our Paint Perfecting can do. Our Paint Perfecting might be the answer to get your vehicle paint back to normal.



Call us, and set up an appointment so we can look at your vehicle. We will test (see if the swirl marks are fixable) an area on your vehicle before we give you an estimate


Please call us at (915) 881-9274

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Below is vehicles that has swirl marks from a buff. If your vehicle been damaged like the vehicles below give us a call so we can Help you. We will clear out a small section so you can see that there is HOPE. Free Estimate

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If your vehicle have swirl marks on it, like the pictures you see here. Please call (915) 881-9274 we can get your vehicle paint back to normal.


Or text pictures to

(915) 881-9274